Dienstag, 13. April 2010


Letzte Woche sah ich mir mit Freunden das neue Kabarettprogramm vom Vitasek an.
Ich möchte mich zum Inhalt nicht allzu sehr auslassen: wer Ihn mag, geht sowieso hin - wer neugierig ist, der soll einfach hinschauen - und wer Ihn nicht mag, bleibt eh zuHause.
Nur eines (und das finde ich, war ein Höhe- bzw. ist ein Bonuspunkt für V.): V. gab eine anscheinend bekannte Geschichte über den Hofnarren Gonella aus dem 15. Jhdt. wieder, die mich dazu veranlasste, nachzuforschen - und wurde auch fündig.

The Duke of Ferrrara fell ill, and
the doctor declared, that only a sudden
fright would restore him to health.
He was too great, a man for anyone
to play tricks on, except his fool.
Gonella was with him in a boat,
and cleverly pushed the duke into the
water. Aid had been previously
provided, and the prince was drawn
ashore and put lo bed.
The fright and the bath and the
bed cured the invalid, but he was so
enraged with Gonella that he exiled
the man, who was both a fool and a
physician. Gonella returned in a
cart filled with Paduan soil; an evasion
of the edict of banishment said
to have been practised by many a
The duke ordered him to be beheaded,
but saying privately that he
would only repay fright with fright,
he directed the executioner not to use
the axe, but to let fall a single drop
of water on the culprit's neck.
Gonella was led to the scaffold; all
the usual gloomy preparations were
made, He was blindfolded and made
to lay his head on the block. The
executioner from a vial let fall a drop
water on Gonella's neck. Then,
amid shouts and laughter, the jester,
silent now , was bidden to rise and
thank the duke for his clemency.
But Gonella never moved; he was
Dead - killed by his master's jest.

Ich liebe solche Geschichten - sie veranschaulichen die Absurdität des Lebens ...

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